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 Travel to Kyoto for an all-day low price with Kyoto Bus One Day Pass!

  • The stress-free bus will take you from Kansai Airport Terminal and Osaka Airport (JR Namba Station) to anywhere you want within Kyoto Bus Flat Fare Zone
  • You can travel around Kyoto all day unlimited rides on Kyoto city buses
  • Stroll around popular sites in Kyoto, including Kyoto Top 5 tourist attractions
  • Feel Kyoto's rich natural beauty, culinary, culture, and arts


Additional Info


  • You will receive a confirmation email and ticket instantly after booking
  • In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email
  • Kyoto Bus 1 Day Pass 
Not include:
  • Keihan, JR, private bus and subway
  • It is not available to use buses written in white and black

Package Options:

  • [Incheon T1] Kyoto Bus 1 Day Pass
  • [Incheon T2] Kyoto Bus 1 Day Pass
  • [Gimpo] Kyoto Bus 1 Day Pass
  • [Gimhae] Kyoto Bus 1 Day Pass
  • [Japan] Kyoto Bus 1 Day Pass

Additional Information:

  • Please come to the meeting place 10 mins before the departure time
  • Please provide basic information correctly
  • No refund due to incorrect information
  • It is not impossible to change the date after purchase
  • Please make a purchase at the exact date of use (Osaka local exchange day)

How To Use

  • Exchange vouchers from 1 of 2 voucher exchange venues on the day of use to physical Pass
  • This voucher is valid only on the stated visit date.

Redemption Point In Japan:

  • Osaka Kansai International Airport Terminal 1
    • Arrival Floor North exit HIS (= EASYGO) counter 1st floor - view map 
    • Opening hours: 08: 30-22: 00
    • Contact: +818040968552
    • IMPORTANT: (For Osaka Kansai International Airport close until further notice)

  • EDION NANBA Tourist Information Center
    • EDION NANBA Tourist Information Center (EDION NAMBA Tourist Information Center)
    • Address: 1st floor, Edoon Nanba, 2-18, Namba 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka -Photo  View
    • Opening hours: 10: 00-21: 00
    • Phone: 06-6684-9330

Package Options

[Japan] Kyoto Bus 1 Day Pass

$ 7.05


Have you ever wonder where to buy Kyoto Bus Pass? Now you can purchase it online. Kyoto Bus Pass map covers most of the area of Kyoto within flat-fare routes. It includes Kyoto Bus Pass Arashiyama to take you to one of the best places in Kyoto.

Kyoto Prefecture is a tourist center that people all over the world visit many times. Kyoto has a function as a crossroads of Japanese history, and is the capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years. Even today, Kyoto is the center of Japanese culture and is always loved by both Japanese and non-Japanese around the world. The ancient capital of Kyoto, which traditions have existed for centuries, is now experiencing remarkable progress.

You can freely ride all buses in Kyoto throughout the day with Kyoto Bus 1 Day Pass! You can also use the Kyoto City bus, Kyoto bus and 100, 101 and 102 Raku buses. It gives you access to reach tourist hotspots Kyoto, Nishihonkanji, National Museum, Ginkaku-ji Temple, Gion, Kinkaku-ji Temple, Arashiyama, Kawaramachi, Fushimi Inari Shrine, and Kiyomizu Temple. For more convenient trip, you can choose to buy kyoto one day bus and subway instead. Get Kyoto Tourist 1-day or 2-day Pass to help you have holiday in Kyoto at ease.

Instant Booking

This product is instant booking, a voucher will be sent by email within one hour after payment of business hours.

Cancel Info

  • Once confirmed, this product can not be canceled or refunded.
  • If you cannot use it due to natural disasters or closure, you will not be responsible for cancellation or refund.


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  1. 연정이가연정해
    연정이가연정해     2020-02-20

    직원분도 친절하셨습니다^_^

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