Yehliu Geopark, Shifen, Golden Waterfall, Jinguashi gold museum, Jiufen old street Join tour from Ximen

Yehliu Geopark Join Van Tour
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    -    2019-12-24

    투어 일정자체는 문제없이 좋았어요~! 기사님도 번역기 들고있으셔서 의사소통에 크게 문제 없었고, 6인정도의 적당한 인원이라 그런지 소집,해제가 빠르니 금방금방 이동할수 있어서 좋았어요. 중간중간 장소 바뀔때마다 기념사진도 찍어주시고 바로바로 업로드 해주셔서 좋았어요. 그리고 비가 왔었는데, 우산,우비 준비 못하신분들 우비도 챙겨주셨어요.

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  • Be astonished by the geographic scenery of Yehliu with an easy shuttle transfer from Taipei
  • Take the chance to see the Queen's Head rock formation at Yehliu Geopark
  • Take a stroll through the mushroom and honeycomb rock formations at Yehliu, or walk the coastal path around the peninsula
  • Take in the spectacular vista of the hillside village and ocean views below Jiufen
  • Visit Shifen to decorate and set off traditional lanterns along the railway

Additional Info


  • Shared transportation and driver


  • Yehliu Geological Park Admission - Book now
  • Personal expenses 
  • Insurance

Join Tour Schedule

10:30 Ximen Station Exit 6 Left side
11:20 Geology Park Sightseeing
13:10 Move to Shifen
14:10 Shifen tour Sightseeing
15:10 Go to Golden Waterfall
15:50 Golden Waterfall Sightseeing
16:10 Go to the Golden Museum
16:20 Tour after Arrival at Golden Museum
17:50 Go to the Jiufen
18:00 Jiufen Sightseeing 
19:30 Go to Taipei City
20:30 End Tour at Ximen Station exit 6
The above schedule is subject to change according to local circumstances.
Camel rock and golden falls may be excluded.
You can change the getting off zone when you join group opinion.

How To Use

  • Meeting point:  In front of Exit 6 of Ximen Station  View map
  • Boarding at 10:30 every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before departure.

Must read

  • Camel Peak and Golden Falls may be excluded.
  • If the opinions of the joining group are unified, the drop-off area can be changed.
  • If you are late for your appointment time, you will not be able to participate and no refund will be given.

Package Options

Yehliu Full Day Join Tour

$ 35.82


Avoid the pricey taxi fares or crowded tourist buses and embark on the most flexible and most convenient way to visit Yehliu Geopark and the scenic sights of Taiwan's northeast coast. Depart from Ximending and drive to Yehliu before the crowds to take in the incredible scenes of fascinating 'honeycomb' and 'mushroom' rock formations caused by weathering. Stroll along the windy cape and snap pictures in front of the phenomenal Queen's Head rock - visit now as it's predicted the formation won't be around many years more! Next you'll drive past the 'Ying Yang Sea' where natural ions create a swirl of blue and yellow water in the bay, reminiscent of the ancient Chinese symbol. Look up hill to see the 'Remains of the 13 Levels', a former copper-smelting refinery, but now a popular spot for some industrial-chic Instagram snaps, then see the glittering cascade of the Golden Waterfall. Continue up to the top of the hill to Jiufen village, one of the most popular things to do in Taipei. Jiufen, which experienced a gold rush during the Japanese occupation, is a maze of narrow alleys, traditional stores, red lanterns and quaint tea houses nestled into the mountainside. After two hours of freetime, journey to Shifen, a village built beside the rail tracks, where you can paint a colorful lantern with your wishes before sending it gliding into the sky. Hop back on the bus to be delivered back to Ximen in time for dinner.

Instant Booking

This product is instant booking, a voucher will be sent by email within one hour after payment of business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If i have something to ask about this tour, what should i do?
A: You can contact us at Phone: 0271-7451109 Phone: +62821-3503-9747 or you can send WhatsApp text to the last number.

Q: Can I leave the group after we get to Shifen and we will go back to Taipei by ourselves?
A: Yes, but please make sure that you tell the driver at the beginning of the tour or when you get off the bus at Shifen so that the driver and the passengers on the bus don't wait for you. Please note that you won’t get any compensation if you don’t take the return journey. You will have to organize your own transport back when you decide to return.

Q: Does a 2 year old child need to buy a ticket?
A: Yes, all travelers must buy a ticket, even babies. The price is the same as for adults. The charge is mainly for the operator to buy insurance for every passenger.

Q: Can we bring our luggage onto the bus?
A: Sorry, please don't bring your luggage with you on board. Please kindly understand that space is limited on the bus and cannot be left in the aisle for safety reasons.

Cancel Info

  • Once confirmed, no cancellations can be made


1 Reviews
  1. -
    -     2019-12-24

    투어 일정자체는 문제없이 좋았어요~! 기사님도 번역기 들고있으셔서 의사소통에 크게 문제 없었고, 6인정도의 적당한 인원이라 그런지 소집,해제가 빠르니 금방금방 이동할수 있어서 좋았어요. 중간중간 장소 바뀔때마다 기념사진도 찍어주시고 바로바로 업로드 해주셔서 좋았어요. 그리고 비가 왔었는데, 우산,우비 준비 못하신분들 우비도 챙겨주셨어요.

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