Boracay Blue Lagoon Malumpati Tour

Boracay Blue Lagoon Malumpati Tour
$48.16 /Person
  • Befreetour
    8 Hrs
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    Minimum Order
    2 Person
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    English, Korean,
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    E - Voucher

Most Recent Review

  1. 전미니
    전미니    2019-07-20

    현지인들과 여행객들과 가이드분이 다같이 소통하며 재밌게 놀았습니다~ 파티가 너무재밌었어요~ 그리고 튜브타고 내려오는 코스있는데 그것도 너무 재밌고 좋았어요 ! ( 추가로 돈 지불하고 탔습니다) 음식도 맛있고 현지음식과 한국음식을 주셔서 좋았어요 라면, 삼겹살 등 ㅎㅎ 말룸파티는 보라카이 가신다면 꼭 이용해보셨으면 좋겠습니다~

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Discover challenging activities in Laos and Blue Lagoon Tour on Boracay!

Boracay Tours offers Activities to experience how to jump. The Blue Lagoon tour, which is the most popular destination in Laos, also opened on Boracay. Don't miss the best local tour to get to the airport after swimming, snacks, beer, drinks or any others activities, for example, spa!

Additional Info


  • You will receive a confirmation email and ticket instantly after booking
  • In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email


  • Snorkeling equipment
  • life jacket
  • Chinese food (pork belly, fried squid, soy chicken, fish, garlic rice, ramen etc.)
  • Unlimited shochu, beer, beverage, etc.
  • VIP lounge in front of the airport (Kalibo Airport Lounge) , restaurant, shopping mall discount voucher (for sanding tour). 


  • Dinner
  • Personal expenses
  • Tube trekking (250 pesos) * Tubing may not be available during the dry season.
  • Maner Tips (100 pesos)
  • Individual traveler insurance

Tour schedule:

  • 09:00 or 11:00 Departure after hotel or demo budget meeting → Transfer to Boracay Pier about 1 hour → Arrive at Blue Lagoon Marum Party → Enjoy Blue Lagoon activities including diving show (3m, 5m dive) Lunch → free time → 17:30 car movement → 19:00 hotel sanding or airport arrival
    * Subject to availability.

Pick-up guide:

  • Pick up place
    Sending tour: Hotel lobby where you stay
    Day Tour: Budget Mart
  • Pick-up time
    09:00 or 11:00
    During dry season (January to June), the water depth may be lowered and tubing may not be possible. If tubing is not possible, depart from the 11:00 meeting, and if tubing is available, depart after 09:00 meeting.
    We will send a pick-up guide to WhatsApp/E-Mail/KakaoTalk one day before the tour

Age Guide:

  • Adult, child same rate
  • Infants: Less than 36 months free

Additional Information:

  • At least 2 people can be booked.
  • Day tour pick-up and sanding is only available at Budget Mart.
  • Tubing may not be available during the dry season.
  • Due to local conditions, weather, etc., the schedule may be changed or canceled.
  • Please make sure to check the WhatsApp / E-Mail / Kakao Talk which is the meeting guide will send to you in the evening before 9 pm 1 day before the tour.
  • If you don't get meeting guide before 9:00pm on 1 day before the tour, please make sure to contact us.
  • If you don't answer after confirming the meeting announcement, or if you don't receive the call 1 day before, the meeting may be missed. Please be sure to contact us at 09:00pm 1 day before if you don't get an answer.
  • After 10 minutes of meeting time, we are forced to leave. If you're late, it's going to N0-SHOW and you can't get a refund.
  • This product is for free travelers. If you are using a package from another travel agency, please contact the relevant package tour company for reservations.
  • You can store your luggage in the lounge. As there is a risk of loss, please do not bring any valuables with you, and you are not liable for loss/damage.
  • When playing in the water, there may be safety accidents (e.g. accidents, abrasions, etc.). Be sure to observe safety regulations in case of shallow sea or hotel pool, and wear a life jacket to prevent accidental accidents.

How To Use

  • This voucher is valid only on the stated visit date
  • Please present the printed or mobile voucher at the location.

Package Options

Boracay Blue Lagoon Malumpati Day Tour

$ 48.16


Points to note when making reservations :

  • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. (Business days)
  • Passport Please enter your name, email address, voucher number, sex, and date of birth correctly.
  • E-Ticket e-mail will be sent within 24 business days after payment is received.


Cancel Info

  • Once booking has been made, no cancelations allowed


8 Reviews
  1. 전미니
    전미니     2019-07-20

    현지인들과 여행객들과 가이드분이 다같이 소통하며 재밌게 놀았습니다~ 파티가 너무재밌었어요~ 그리고 튜브타고 내려오는 코스있는데 그것도 너무 재밌고 좋았어요 ! ( 추가로 돈 지불하고 탔습니다) 음식도 맛있고 현지음식과 한국음식을 주셔서 좋았어요 라면, 삼겹살 등 ㅎㅎ 말룸파티는 보라카이 가신다면 꼭 이용해보셨으면 좋겠습니다~

  1. -
    -     2019-07-04

    진짜 너~~~~~무 재밌었구요ㅋㅋㅋ 다이빙도 그렇고 튜빙도 그렇고 너무 너무 재미있고 즐겁게 이용했습니다 정말 아주 좋은 추억이 되었어요 덕분에 마지막날 재밌게 놀았어요 비가 많이 왔지만 금방 그쳐서 더 좋았고 너무 재밌어서 비 맞아도 재밌을 정도 였습니다 강추강추~ 가이드?분도 너무 친절하시고 ㅋㅋ 재밌었어요 술이 있어서 더욱 좋았다는^^ 비맞고 물놀이 후 라면은 최고였습니당ㅎㅎ

  1. -
    -     2019-06-21

    않이,,, 하시라구욧!!! 외않헤!!!!! 할많하않!!!!

  1. -
    -     2019-06-19

    재밌고 알찼습니다. 다음에 또 이용하고싶어요ㅎㅎ

  1. 지현♡
    지현♡     2019-05-29

    말룸파티 최고!!! 가이드님도 친절하고 현지가이드님들도 넘나 재미있고 유쾌했어요~~현지아이들도 넘구여웠구,,삼겹살과 새우,망고,라면 정말 맛있었어요~꽤 깊은곳이라 좀 긴장했지만 튜브와함께라 무섭지않았어요~다이빙 못한게 쬐끔 아쉽.. 물도깨끗하고 화장실도 괜찮았구~~ 다시한번 보라카이간다면 말룸파티 또 할거에용~~^^

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