Cebu to Bohol OceanJet Ferry Ticket

Cebu to Bohol Ocean Jet Ferry
$12.43 /Adult (Tourist Class)
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    2 Hrs
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    1 Person
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    24 Hrs
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  1. 황장우
    황장우    2020-02-05

    문제없이 탑승 잘 할 수 있었고, 덕분에 19년도 마지막을 잘 장식할 수 있었습니다. 감사합니다!

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The easiest way to get back to Cebu and Bohol! Cebu Bohol Ocean Jet Ferry Boarding Pass!

If you want to go to Bohol in about a day by day in Cebu, you must have a boarding pass for Cebu Bohol Ocean Jet Ferry! Reservations can be made at a discounted price, and you can enjoy it more easily.

Additional Info


  • Cebu Bohol Ocean Jet Ferry Boarding Pass (Economy Class or Business Class / One Way or Round Trip)
  • Be sure to print out the voucher and complete the check-in procedure 30 minutes in advance.

Not included:

  • Cebu Ferry Terminal Fare (25 pesos)
  • Bohol Ferry Terminal Fee (20 pesos)
  • Individual traveler insurance 

Ocean Jet Service Schedule

  • Cebu -> Bohol 
    • 5:10 am
    • 6:00 am
    • 7:00 am
    • 8:00 am
    • 8:20 am
    • 9:20 am
    • 10:40 am
    • 11:40 am
    • 13:00 pm
    • 14:00 pm
    • 15:20 pm
    • 16:20 pm
    • 17:40 pm
    • 18:40 pm
  • Bohol -> Cebu
    • 6:00 am
    • 7:05 am
    • 8:20 am
    • 9:20 am
    • 10:40 am
    • 11:40 am
    • 13:00 pm
    • 14:00 pm
    • 14:40 pm
    • 15:20 pm
    • 16:20 pm
    • 17:00 pm
    • 17:40 pm
    • 18:30 pm


  • Adults: 12 years or older
  • Child: 4 ~ 11 years old
  • Children from 0 to 2 years old who do not require a separate seat are free to board.

How To Use

  • You can show a print voucher or e-voucher for this activity
  • This voucher is only valid for the selected date and time

How to use

  • Please bring the printed voucher or mobile voucher.
  • Baggage per passenger can not exceed 15kg.
  • The voucher is valid for the specified date and time only.
  • When checking in at the terminal, it must match the name of the person who booked.
  • Please present valid identification.
  • Please check-in at least 45 minutes before scheduled departure time. If you do not arrive at check-in counters or boarding gate on time, your seat may be canceled.
  • If you are late in your time of use, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Ticket Receiver

  • Cebu Ferry Terminal
    Mariners Front Gate Pier1 Ocean Marinettes Terminal View Map
    Cebu (Pier 1) - Ferry terminal in Cebu, Philippines
  • Map of Tagbilaran City Tourist Port view map
    Tagbilaran Wharf Road, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
  • For more information, please check the official website of Cebu Bohol OceanJet.

Package Options

Cebu to Bohol (One Way)

Adult (Tourist Class)
$ 12.76

Bohol to Cebu (One Way)

Adult (Tourist Class)
$ 12.43

Cebu to Bohol (Round Trip)

Adult (Tourist Class)
$ 24.96

Bohol to Cebu (Round Trip)

Adult (Tourist Class)
$ 24.47


Enjoy easy transportation to go to / from Bohol or Cebu. You can explore Cebu and Bohol without fear of transportation for crossing. Order right now because the ticket is limited !!

Cancel Info

  • Once confirmed, no cancelations may be made


3 Reviews
  1. 황장우
    황장우     2020-02-05

    문제없이 탑승 잘 할 수 있었고, 덕분에 19년도 마지막을 잘 장식할 수 있었습니다. 감사합니다!

  1. 임순영
    임순영     2019-04-21

    사전 발권으로 필리핀 부활절 황금연휴 기간에도 표 걱정 없이 잘 다녀왔습니다. 보홀 출발 전에 오션젯 시간 변경 요청했었는데 적절하게 변경해주셔서 데이트립까지 잘 마칠 수 있었습니다. 감사합니다 ^^

  1. 엔젤핀
    엔젤핀     2019-03-20

    예약 잘 해 주셔서.. 잘 다녀 왔습니다 ^^

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