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Experience Royal Spa Treatment in Royal Kirana Spa!
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  • Find your brand new energy at Royal Pita Maha!
  • Get an excellent spa and massage service in the middle of Ubud greeneries area.
  • Enjoy the fancy spa treatment done by a professional therapist.
  • Try out this place amazing facilities that will make your relaxing spa be more amazing.

Additional Info


  • Royal Kirana Spa treatments
  • Pick-up and sending in Ubud area


  • Personal expense (meal/lunch, so on)
  • Personal traveler insurance

Additional Information:

  • Free access to spa lounge and garden (minimum 2-hour treatments)
  • Massage satisfaction may vary depending on the therapist and your physical condition.
  • If you are not satisfied with the treatment, please tell directly to Spa and therapist (BeFreeTour doesn’t accept any complaint regarding this).
  • Treatment time will be deducted 10-15 minutes for shower time.
  • Reservation is valid for 2 people or more.
  • Main pool facilities are only available for certain treatments.

Pick-Up and Sending Information:

  • Free Pick-up/sending in Ubud area for minimum 2 reservations
  • Pick up service could be delayed (up to 15-30 minutes) due to local traffic conditions. We can’t receive any complaint about this matter.
  • If you use AirBnB accommodation, please write down the nearest hotel address from your Host location. In order to simplify the pick-up service, we will pick you up at the nearest hotel from your Host location.

Age Limit:

  • Above 13 years old (Anti-Aging and revitalizing treatments)


  • Every day from 09:00 am to 21:00 pm (last order at 19:00 pm for 2-hour treatment)

Treatment Options

2018.03.01~2019.03.31 (Every day)

Revitalizing Body Massage – 60 minutes

The combination of gentle massage and pressure applied to ‘tsubo’ (effective pressure points) will remove all traces of stress and muscular tension.

It leaves the body feeling fresh and energized.

Products: Royal Kirana Natural Oil

Tonic Aromatic Massage – 60 minutes

The deep strokes and light tapping movements of this treatment ultimately restore depleted energy levels.

It is performed using a blend of lemongrass, mint and other essential oils for a reviving effect.

Note: Not recommended for pregnant women.

Products: Decleor (aromatic tonic)

Royal Deep Tissue Therapy – 60 minutes

This therapeutic massage provides deep muscle therapy using locally made, natural organic oils through kneading strokes, long strokes, assisted stretching and acupressure therapy.

This will not only rejuvenate the body~mind but also re-program the muscle patterns of

tension and holding to create a balanced state of health and well-being.

Products: Royal Kirana natural oil

Body Scrub & Massage – 90 minutes

This treatment begins with the foot bath and massage, and then lemongrass scrub is softly applied to all over the body to remove dead cells and get the skin a new lease of life, followed by relaxing massage that will leave you feeling fresh all over.

Products: Royal Kirana Natural Oil + Natural body scrub

Royal Balinese Massage – 120 minutes

This traditional Balinese massage is a combination of acupressure, gentle stretching, and aromatherapy with the use of hibiscus oil to stimulate the flow of blood circulation, oxygen and ‘QI’ (energy) around your body.

It evokes the senses and brings deep relaxation for an overall feeling of wellness.

Balinese massage is a luxurious spa treatment if you are seeking harmony of the body, mind, and soul.

Products: Royal Kirana Natural Oil

Relaxing Facial – 60 minutes

This relaxing treatment involves a thorough cleansing and the application of a mask to tranquilize the skin and expose it to different sensations (hot, cold and soft pressure).

Moisture levels are re-balanced leaving the skin soft and radiant.

Note: Recommended for all ages

Products: Shiseido

Whitening Facial – 60 minutes

The skin is cleansed thoroughly using Shiseido products followed by the application of a mask to control visible spots and freckles.

This treatment results in a clearer looking complexion.

Note: Recommended for all ages

Products: Shiseido

Revitalizing Facial – 60 minutes

This deep cleansing facial is followed by the application of a soothing mask to re-hydrate and refresh tired skin.

It is suitable for older skin that looks slightly dull and has been exposed to the elements of nature.

Note: Recommended for clients 30 years and above

Products: Shiseido

Kirana Pro Collagen Anti-Aging – 75 minute

Pro –Collagen Quarts Lift Facial for fine lines and wrinkles. Experience the ultimate in scientific skin therapy.

An advanced anti-aging facial, clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by 94% and improve skin firmness by 57% after just 1 treatment.

This anti-aging face and eye treatment helps to protect against the signs of aging, reducing the appearance of the fine line and wrinkles on the face and restructuring the eye contour.

Specialized lifting massage techniques are combined with Elemis anti-aging products for maximum treatment efficacy.

Note: Recommended for clients 25 years and above

Products: Elemis

How To Use

You may show the mobile or printed voucher for this activity.

Package Options

Tonic Aromatic Massage – 60 minutes

$ 104.00

Royal Deep Tissue Therapy – 60 minutes

$ 83.20

Body Scrub & Massage – 90 minutes

$ 116.80

Royal Balinese Massage – 120 minutes

$ 140.80

Relaxing Facial – 60 minutes

$ 96.00

Whitening Facial – 60 minutes

$ 96.00

Revitalizing Facial – 60 minutes

$ 96.00

Kirana Pro Collagen Anti-Aging – 75 minute

$ 100.80


Release your stress and fatigue with this Royal Kirana Spa by Royal Pita Maha. Located near Ayung River and Ubud greeneries, this place offers more than just an ordinary spa treatment. There are many treatment options that you can choose, and many of them will be done at the unique treatment place! You'll get to feel the refreshing vibe of Ubud directly while enjoying your spa treatment. This place has won several awards that will make your spa session be more guaranteed and amazing! Many more facilities like swimming pool, jacuzzi, and dry sauna are available at Royal Kirana Spa!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I book this spa while I’m an outside guest?

A: Yes, you can book this spa through Befreetour even though you don’t stay at Royal Pita Maha.

Q: I have made a reservation for the spa but I will come late. Can I use the normal reserved time?

A: Yes, it is still possible to use it, but you should arrive on time. If you arrive late, your treatment time will be deducted from normal time.

Q: What should I do if I’m not satisfied with the treatment service?

A: If you feel unsatisfied or uncomfortable with the treatment, please directly talk to the therapist or spa staff about it.

Cancel Info

  • It could be canceled by spa up to 7 days due to certain circumstance.
  • Please contact us for cancellation and refund policy.


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