Chengdu Luggage Delivery Service by LuggAgent

Chengdu Luggage Delivery Service by LuggAgent
$16.10 /luggage
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Giving a better traveling experience for everyone with our luggage delivery service!

  • Leave your luggage with the designated courier
  • Rest assured your luggage will be in safe hands
  • Take a photo of your luggage and send it to the courier, stay updated on the whereabouts of your luggage at all times
  • Pick up your luggage at the airport or your accommodations - easy and convenient!

Additional Info


  • You will receive confirmation of your booking's availability within 1 business day. Once confirmed, we will send you the voucher via email
  • In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email


  • Luggage Delivery Service to the airport/station from hotel vice versa


  • Tip or gratuities

Drop Off and Pick Up Process:

  • Service Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm
  • Please check the confirmation letter by LuggAgent for detailed location
  • If you don't receive a confirmation email by LuggAgent, please check your Spam folder or contact the operator through the email indicated on your Befreetour voucher


  • Airport - Hotel >> Luggage collection starts at 09:00 until 15:00, and the delivery starts at 18:00 until 21:00 
  • Hotel - Airport >> Luggage collection starts at 09:00 a.m until 12:00 a.m, and the delivery starts at 15:00 until 21:00 
  • You must drop-off your luggage before the scheduled time. If you are late, it will be canceled and no refund.
Overtime Processing
Drop Off
  • For luggage delivery from or to Airbnbs, if the drivers wait for more than half an hour and cannot contact the passengers, the operator has the right to cancel the order and the payment will not be refunded
  • For luggage delivery from the airport to hotels, if there is a flight delay for less than 60 minutes, the free waiting time will be 90 minutes after your selected drop off time. No refund will be issued if LuggAgent is not able to receive customer's luggage within 90 minutes
  • For luggage delivery from the airport to hotels, if there is a flight delay for more than 60 minutes, LuggAgent has the right to cancel the order and make a full refund to the customer
Pick Up
  • If the customer does not pick up their luggage for 30 minutes after the selected pick up time, the customer will be charged USD5 per 15 minutes (via credit card in the local currency)

Additional Information:

  • Please take photos of the luggage you will have delivered and send the photo to the courier. You will be provided with the courier's contact information
  • To receive your luggage, you must present your passport or photo ID to confirm your identity
  • Each piece of luggage cannot be more than 32 inches (length and width total 180cm) and cannot weight more than 32kg.
  • Your luggage can be a suitcase, carton, backpack or bag (briefcase).
  • Please hand carry your passport, flight documents and other important personal items.
  • For luggage delivery from hotels to the airport, the pick up time must be at least 2 hours prior to your departure time. The cost incurred due to insufficient time for luggage pick up should be shouldered by customer.
  • Please make sure to check your luggage upon pick up. You can take photo if you find something is wrong and consult with the customer service staff. Once the luggage is confirmed as received, the service is completed and LuggAgent no longer bears any responsibility.
  • If the luggage does not meet any of the legal rules, it will be refused even if the booking is a success. Customer must bear all the losses and any legal liabilities.
  • Upon checkout, just drop off your luggage at the front desk of your hotel and inform them LuggAgent will come to pick up the luggage. Please remember to take a photo of the luggage and storage receipt before leaving the hotel.
  • USD $1,600 luggage insurance covers relevant costs incurred by delay, loss, and damage, and does not include baggage handle and wheel damage, accommodations or airfare costs.
  • We will send you the airport and station direction with photo and map after receiving your booking


How To Use

  • You can present either a printed or mobile voucher with valid passport to staff at the counter
  • The voucher is valid only on the tour date and time specified.

Package Options

Hotel/Airbnb to/from Airport/Port/station

$ 16.10


Sometimes it is very troublesome to carry a lot of our luggage from the hotel to the airport, especially when we are in a hurry. Otherwise, when you are tired after the flight and must take your luggages with you, it is tiresome right?

With this hassle-free express luggage service free yourself from the hurry-scurry. Get your luggage delivered from the your accomodation to airport and vice versa with this express same day or next day luggage delivery service. If you're arriving at the airport before noon and you plan to explore before heading to your accommodations; or if you're flight is late at night, and you're already going to check out, you no longer need to carry all that luggage around with you! All you have to do is book, set the delivery time, and then claim your luggage at the airport after 4:00pm or at your accommodations after 6:00pm. You can even choose to have the courier get your luggage before 12:00pm and then you can pick it up at the airport after 9:00am the next day. It's a safe and efficient process that makes sure that you have more time to feel at ease and to explore the rest of the city!

Cancel Info

  • Once booking has been made, no cancelations allowed



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