Ngong Ping 360 Ticket

The longest bi-cable ropeway in Asia!
$22.63 /Adult (>11)
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    1 Day
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    1 Person
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    24 Hrs
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    E - Voucher

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  1. 리케
    리케    2019-06-27

    갈때는 크리스탈 캐빈 올때는 스탠다드 이용했습니다. 갈때 한시간정도 줄서서 올라갔고 내려올때는 기다림없이 왔습니다. 여유있게 출발하시는걸 추천합니다/

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  • Ngong Ping 360 Ticket gives you access to the cable car heading to Lantau Island
  • Prepare to be stunned by the stunning scenery from Lantau and its surroundings
  • Enjoy the wonderful holiday you've never experienced before
  • Catch a glimpse of the stunning natural beauty from the height
  • Hop on the Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin for the best view
  • Make sure you visit the world-famous Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha) after absorbing the impressive view from the cabel car
  • Don't miss the chance to enter the magical Hong Kong Disneyland too!
  • Enjoy a great day off with your lovely friends and family

Additional Info


  • You will receive confirmation of your booking instantly via email
  • If you do not receive any email, please kindly check your Spam folder or notify us via email

Inclusive Of:

  • Rides of Ngong Ping 360 cable cars, free visits to the Tian Tan Buddha, Po Lin Monastery and the Wisdom Trail

Not Inclusive Of:

  • Exhibitions entrance at Ngong Ping Village (e.g. Walking With Buddha)
  • Hotel transfer 


  • Standard Cabin
    • You may choose single/round trip on a Standard Cabin Cable Car
  • Crystal Cabin
    • You may choose single/round trip on the glass-bottomed, Crystal Cabin Cable Car
  • Standard + Crystal Cabin
    • 1 way Standard Cabin Cable Car
    • 1 way Crystal Cabin Cable Car
    • Rides of Ngong Ping 360 cable cars, free visits to the Tian Tan Buddha, Po Lin Monastery and the Wisdom Trail

Insider Tips :

  • Photographers will take your picture when you are leaving on a cable car. If you are with a group, ask everyone to stand and pose for the best photos

Additional Information:

  • Children tickets are for 3-11 years old
  • For Ngong Ping 360, the cable car time is only for indications, but you must have enough time to get to the terminal (where the Cabel car departs) before the departure schedule
  • Guests booking the Crystal+ Cabin departing from Ngong Ping must reserve at least 45 minutes prior to boarding. Redemption is at the ticketing office of Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal.
  • Motion 360 is only suitable for people 3 years and above, more than 100cm tall and weight less than 110kg.

How To Use

  • You can show physical vouchers or electronic vouchers for this activity
  • Tickets can be exchanged at the 'Pre-Booked Counters' at Tung Chung or the Ngong Ping cable car terminal
  • Please remember that there will be a long queue during the holiday season
  • This Ngong Ping 360 ticket promotion offers special discount valid only for non-domestic tourists
  • You will be asked to show your real identity card
  • You must exchange this voucher with the entrance ticket
  • Please check the Ngong Ping 360 opening hours prior to your booking/visit opening hours 

How To Get There:

  • By MTR to Tung Chung Station, Exit B. The cable car terminal is located adjacent to the station
  • By bus to Tung Chung: E11, E21, E23, E31, E32, E33, E34, E41, E42, 1R, S1, 2, 21, 23
  • By private van transfer

Package Options

Standard Cabin (One Way-Anytime)

Adult (>11)
$ 22.63
$ 24.87

Crystal Cabin (One Way-Anytime)

Adult (>11)
$ 27.28

Crystal Cabin (Round Trip-Anytime)

Adult (>11)
$ 31.99

Standard Cabin (Round Trip-Anytime)

Adult (>11)
$ 23.92


Ngong Ping 360 Ticket will bring you to a full enjoyment in Lantau Island, especially Ngong Ping Village. Enjoy a 25 minute trip with greatest view of Lantau Island, airport, pavilion and Ngong Ping Village. No need to wonder where to buy ngong ping 360 tickets since you can get yours online! For the way how to go to Ngong Ping 360, you just need to head to Tung Chung by MTR, bus, or private vehicle.

Choose a glass cabin for more stunning views just below your feet! Or, you can experience both excitement of boarding standard cabin and crystal cabin to go to and from Lantau Island. Ngong Ping Village is also home to Po Lin and Wisdom Path Monasteries, giving you lots of things to explore. Arriving at the summit, visit the Tian Tan Buddha - site of the Great Buddha Statue. Ngong Ping 360 ticket price 2018 may also include a tour from the 360 ​​Fun Pass Attraction Package and 360 Lantau Sky-Land-Sea Day Pass!

Instant Booking

This product is instant booking, a voucher will be sent by email within one hour after payment of business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : If I have something to ask about this tour, what should I do?
A :
You can contact us at Phone: 0271-7451109 Phone: +62813-9391-5790 or you can send WhatsApp text to the last number.

Q : How long is process from booking until I can receive the Ngong Ping 360 voucher?
A : It takes 1 x 24 hours from booking process until E - Ticket is sent to you.

Q : Can I eat and drink in the cabin?
A : Only water can be consumed in the cabin.

Q : How do I board the cabin?
A : A friendly Cable Car Guest Services Operator is available at Tung Chung and Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminals to assist you to board and alight from the cabins. The cabins slow down at terminals to allow easy embarkation and disembarkation from the cabins; the doors open and close automatically.

Q : How many people are in the one cabin?
A : One cabin is for maximum 6 people.

Q : Do I need to use the ticket on the date I selected when booking?
A : No. You can use the Ngong Ping cable car tickets on any day before the expiration date indicated on the voucher.

Cancel Info

  • Once confirmed, no cancellations may be made for this activity
  • Cable car service may be canceled due to inclement weather or typhoons, in which case you can change the visit date on or before the voucher validity


6 Reviews
  1. 리케
    리케     2019-06-27

    갈때는 크리스탈 캐빈 올때는 스탠다드 이용했습니다. 갈때 한시간정도 줄서서 올라갔고 내려올때는 기다림없이 왔습니다. 여유있게 출발하시는걸 추천합니다/

  1. 차혜진
    차혜진     2019-06-24

    오후 1시쯤 도착해서 타러갔는데 바우처 줄이 꽤 길어서 티켓팅까지 한참을 기다려야 했습니다. 티켓팅 후에도 탑승하기까지 줄이 꽤 길어서 더운데 힘들었고 탑승 차례가 되자 직원이 케이블카 안으로 10명을 욱여넣으려고 했습니다. 8명이 타야 딱 맞을듯한데 처음 보는 낯선 사람들과 골반을 맞닿아야 하는 느낌이었습니다. 그리고 사람들을 다 태우면 무조건 사진을 찍으려고 하는데 기념품으로 만들어서 판매할 목적이라 구매를 안하면 내 사진은 어떻게 되는 지 모르니 안찍겠다고 했습니다. 원치않으시면 No라고 말씀하시면 안찍어요. 케이블카 안에 냉방장치가 있는게 아니라 무척 더웠지만, 슝슝 올라가다보니 밖에서 부는 바람이 케이블카 내부로 시원하게 들어와서 기분이 좋았고 크리스탈캐빈이라 바닥이 훤히 보여 더 즐거웠습니다. 이왕이면 여행간거 크리스탈로 예약하세요!! 정말 기분 좋습니다! 도착해서는 너무 덥고 불자가 아니라서 별 감흥이 없어서 별로였고 그냥 케이블카 타는게 제일 재밌었습니다.

  1. 김명신
    김명신     2019-04-17

    홍콩에서 꼭 봐야 하는 곳중 하나입니다. 사전예약으로 편했습니다

  1. 김혜연
    김혜연     2018-10-25

    예약하자마자 바우처가 바로 날아오네요ㅋㅋ 여기가 최저가인듯 옥토퍼스카드랑 같이 구매해서 잘놀다 오겠습니다 :)

  1. 안중훈
    안중훈     2018-09-29

    크리스탈 케이블카 ㅎㄷㄷ 생각보다 너무 높고 바닥이 보이니 무서워요 ㅋㅋㅋ 그래도 미리 예약한 덕분에 사전예약 전용줄로 빠르게 이용했습니다~!"

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