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Renting car with driver in Aceh
$13.87 /Car
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  • Aceh Car Rental helps you explore the city of Aceh easily and comfortably.
  • Enjoy comfort and security with a new car when you tour with the best car rentals in Aceh.
  • Wherever you live while on vacation in Aceh, we will be ready to take you and provide the best service.
  • We can provide you a large car, with AC and audio that is great for playing music.
  • Your happiness is our motivate!

Additional Info

Price Include :

  • Rent car fee and gasoline
  • Driver
  • 12 hours full day / Drop Only

Price Exclude :

  • Attractions admission ticket
  • Parking fee and toll 

Available Car :

  • 2-5 person (6 seater car)
  • 5-10 person (12 seater car)

Additional information :

  • Sometimes we can be late when the traffic is bad
  • Please watch your belongings

How To Use

  • You can display a print voucher or cellular voucher for this activity

How to Get There:

  • We provide shuttle services at your hotel

Package Options

Full Day Avanza - 6 Seater (12 Hours)

$ 41.40

Full Day Grand Innova - 6 Seater (12 Hours)

$ 47.61

Full Day Innova Reborn - 6 Seater (12 Hours)

$ 55.55

Full Day Fortuner - 6 Seater (12 Hours)

$ 119.03

Full Day Pajero - 6 Seater (12 Hours)

$ 119.03

Full Day Toyota Hi Ace - 12 Seater (12 Hours)

$ 119.03

Avanza - DROP ONLY

$ 13.87

Grand Innova - DROP ONLY

$ 13.87

Innova Reborn - DROP ONLY

$ 16.56


Explore the city which most of people said to be the "porch of Mecca" (Indonesian : Serambi Mekkah) with a 12-hour private car rental that will take you past the city of Aceh. With professional drivers, you can visit and mark any location or landmark that is on your itinerary when traveling in Aceh! Sit down and relax in a vehicle with enough space for groups of up to 5 people / 10 according to the car you ordered. At the end of the day, you will return to the designated drop-off location, full of unforgettable memories of your trip in Aceh.

Cancel Info

  • Cancellation can be made at a maximum of D-3


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