4G SIM Card (SG Airport Pick Up) for Singapore

Get 100GB Tourist SIM with easy airport/city pick up
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  1. 변태영
    변태영    2019-08-09

    It's really cool!!! It provides 100GB data, local call of 100 minutes and roamimg call of 20 minutes in 7 days. It's sufficient to use a variery of SNS.

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Essential preparation for Singapore free travel! Enjoy the internet anytime, anywhere!

  • 4G SIM Card (SG Airport Pick Up) for Singapore can be easily picked up at Changi International Airport or in downtown Singapore, and enjoy your data conveniently.
  • With the best tourist SIM Card Singapore, you can book hotels and attractions without worrying about calling charges.
  • Enjoy 100GB of data anywhere, anytime, at 4G speed.
  • International calls are free for 20 minutes so you can reach out to your family and friends.

Additional Info


  • You will receive a confirmation email and ticket immediately after making an order
  • If you don't receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or let us know via email


  • M1 Tourist SIM card (5 days) / StarHub Travel SIM card (7 days)
  • Free local data: 100GB
  • Local call: 500 minutes
  • Local SMS: 100
  • International calls: 20/30 minutes
  • Sim card are available in standard/micro/nano size

Additional information:

  • Taking the Singapore SIM Card Airport is only at Changi International Airport
  • Top ups are not available for Tourist SIM
  • You may only have a maximum of 3 prepaid SIM cards (without regard to service providers) that are registered in your name for a period of 6 months
  • If you live in Singapore for more than 5 or 7 days, you can buy 2 cards and register both but activate the first one, then activate the second on your 6 or 8th day and so on.
  • To activate the SIM card, you can make outgoing calls in Singapore or call # 100 # for interactive menus.

How To Use

  • You can show either a printed or an e-voucher for this activity
  • This voucher is valid for 1 month from the date selected
  • Please show your passport for registration


Changi Airport M1 SIM Card Pick Up Locations:

  • Terminal 2 Departure Hall - Level 2
    • Cheers Convenience Store, Unit #026-039-01
    • Near Check-In rows 11 and 12
    • Redemption Hours: Daily 9:00am-9:00pm
  • Terminal 3 Arrival Hall - Level 1
    • Cheers Convenience Store, Unit #01-24
    • Near luggage belt 44 and 45
    • Redemption Hours: Daily 9:00am-9:00pm
  • Terminal 4 Arrival Hall - Level 1
    • Cheers Convenience Store, Unit #01-09
    • Near luggage belt 5
  • Redemption Hours: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm, daily

City Pick Up Locations:

  • M1 Shop - Bugis Junction
    • Address: 80 Middle Road, #01-81/82, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
    • Operating Hours: 11:00am-9:00pm, daily

    • Nearest MRT Station:Bugis (EW12)

  • M1 Shop - The Paragon Shopping Mall
    • Address: 290 Orchard Road #B1-28/29 Paragon Singapore 238859
    • Operating Hours:11:00am-9:00pm, daily

    • Nearest MRT Station: Orchard (NS22)

Outlets in other parts of Singapore

  • 9 other outlets are available for redemption, you can please check the complete list

Useful Tips:

  • To check your M1 Tourist SIM card balances and expiry: Dial #10011#
  • To make an international call: Dial (021/033) (Country Code) (Area Code) (Telephone Number)
  • To activate your SIM card, you can make an outgoing call in Singapore or dial #100# for the interactive menu.



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M1 Tourist SIM card

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$ 7.84
$ 8.85


You can connect with family and friends and tell them all about your pleasant trip to Universal Studio Singapore or any other places in the city. Buy the local SIM card in the affordable price and get the easy pick up at the airport. Enjoy the seamless connectivity during your stay in Singapore. With the quick and simple settings, you can be connected directly. Browsing in high-speed connection, get updates from your social media accounts and create unhurried travel arrangements brought to you, by one of Singapore's most popular and reliable service providers. The SIM card comes with 100GB data packet data, 500 minutes of local calls, 100 text and 20 minutes of international calls! Make sure you are always close to your family and friends!

Instant Booking

This product is instant booking, a voucher will be sent by email within one hour after payment of business hours.

Cancel Info

  • Once confirmed, no cancelations may be made


14 Reviews
  1. 변태영
    변태영     2019-08-09

    It's really cool!!! It provides 100GB data, local call of 100 minutes and roamimg call of 20 minutes in 7 days. It's sufficient to use a variery of SNS.

  1. 장수경
    장수경     2019-03-22

    공항에서 인수 받아 그자리에서 설치해주고 바로 사용가능해 편하고, 용량도 빵빵해서 너무도 잘 사용했습니다. 가겨대비 넘 넘 좋습니다....^^*

  1. 김현수
    김현수     2018-09-26

    공항 짐찾고 나와서 편의점에서 바로 바우처 교환하고 유심 갈아끼워주고 일단 그 직원분이 넘 친절해서 추천드립니당 :) 아 글고 한가지 주의하셔야할게 편의점 직원분이 아니라 따로 유심만 판매하는 비프리 직원분인것 같아요 데이터도 너무 많아서 다 못쓸 정도니 꼭 사서가세요~!

  1. Frestika Septiana
    Frestika Septiana     2018-03-21

    Yeayy! Akhirnya nemu tmpt buat beli keperluan jalan2 yang super simple, gampang dan murah. Dari pada beli sim card di negara tujuan, mending beli via online ini sih ya, lebih mudah dan murah, cocok buat para traveller !!! RECOMENDED!! Thanks Befree !! :D

  1. Joyce Liem
    Joyce Liem     2018-02-24

    The pick up place was easy to find. Fast connection. Good Service from Befreetour. Two thumbs up

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