Taiwan Yehliu Private Taxi Tour

Taiwan Yehliu Private Taxi Tour
$98.99 /car (1-4pax)
  • Befreetour
    6~10 Hrs
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    1 Max 1
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Most Recent Review

  1. Park Jinseo
    Park Jinseo    2019-12-31

    기사분이 정말 친절해서 좋았습니다. 그리고 카카오톡으로 업체분이 통역을 해주셔서, 기사님이랑 소통하는데 어려움이 없었습니다.

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  • The best and unique tour in Taiwan
  • See the famous Queen Rock that looks like a giant sponge savana
  • This old geological park is very famous among tourists
  • The price is for 4 people. When you board 5 passengers, you have to pay NTD500 extra fee.

Additional Info


  • Private transportation
  • Taiwan local guide
  • Toll and parking fee 


  • Admission fee (NTD 80 for Yehliu Geological Park) - You can buy in advance through this link.
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Overtime rate NTD 350 ~ 1000 per hour
  • Charge for pick up and transfer outer Taipei


  • KakaoTalk ID needed
  • First Monday each month route: Houtong, Shifen Waterfall
  • 3 courses: 7 or 8 hours *8 hours is the recommended one
  • 4 courses: 9 hours
  • 5 courses: 10 hours
  • Please leave your baggages in hotel! 

Vehicle Information :

Pick-up information

  • Pick-up location: Lobby of your hotel
  • Pickup fee
    • Taipei City: Free
    • Outside Taipei (Yangmingshan, Luzhou, Banqiao, etc.): Additional costs apply
  • The driver's dispatch information will be delivered to the customer via KakaoTalk in Taiwan one day prior to use.
  • If you do not receive a separate contact, please contact us through the local emergency contact number listed on your voucher.

Additional cost information

  • If the tour time is exceeded, an additional fee of NTD350~1000 per hour will be charged.
  • For pick-up/sending outside of Taipei city, additional charges apply.
  • For Yangmingshan, Luzhou, and Banqiao pickups
    • One ride or disembarkation: NTD300
    • NTD500 for both boarding and disembarkation
  • Vehicle with 4 or fewer passengers: NTD500
  • All additional costs will be paid on site.

Must read

  • Jinguashi is closed on the first Monday of every month, so the course will be replaced by Houtong or Shifen Waterfall courses.
  • The driver can communicate in simple English, and if there is a problem with communication, we have created a group KakaoTalk, so please contact us there and we can take immediate action.
  • Course 2 = 6 hours / Course 3 = 7 or 8 hours / Course 4 = 9 hours
  • ★When traveling to Yesji on a 3-course, 7-hour course, additional charges may apply if the time is exceeded★
  • If you want a leisurely trip, we recommend the 3-course, 8-hour course.

How To Use

  • Choose date dan number of people and then make reservation.
  • Please select your desired meeting time and proceed with the reservation.
  • Finish the payment.
  • Voucher will be sent by email within 24 hours.
  • If you don't receive the voucher, please kindly check spam folder or notify us by email.
  • You may use either mobile voucher or the printed one to use the activity.
  • If you make a reservation one day in advance, please make it at least before 13:00. (Based on Taiwan time)

Package Options

Taiwan Taxi Tour 4 Course (4 people, 9 hours)

Car (4pax)
$ 121.08

Taiwan Taxi Tour 4 Course (8 people, 9 hours)

Car (8pax)
$ 205.65

Taiwan Taxi Tour 3 Course (4 people, 7 hours)

Car (1-4pax)
$ 106.36

Taiwan Taxi Tour 3 Course (8 people, 7 hours)

Car (5-8pax)
$ 165.26

Taiwan Taxi Tour 3 Course (4 people, 8 hours)

Car (1-4pax)
$ 113.72

Taiwan Taxi Tour 3 Course (8 people, 8 hours)

Car (8pax)
$ 184.08

Taiwan Taxi Tour 2 Course ( 4 people, 6 hours)

car (1-4pax)
$ 98.99

Taiwan Taxi Tour 2 Course ( 8 people, 6 hours)

car (5-8pax)
$ 147.26


The Yehliu Geopark is one of the most recognisedly unique Taiwan destinations. Witness the unique geological formations, naturally-carved stone statues that resemble a variety of objects — and come with fitting names: Queen’s Head, Sea Candles, Fairy Shoe, etc. Get your ticket in advance with Befree Tour and enjoy the unique nature tour in Taiwan!

Instant Booking

This product is instant booking, a voucher will be sent by email within one hour after payment of business hours.

Cancel Info

After confirmastion, no cancellation can be made.


30 Reviews
  1. Park Jinseo
    Park Jinseo     2019-12-31

    기사분이 정말 친절해서 좋았습니다. 그리고 카카오톡으로 업체분이 통역을 해주셔서, 기사님이랑 소통하는데 어려움이 없었습니다.

  1. 천단비
    천단비     2019-12-23

    투어 가이드 해주신 sam기사님 너무 친절하시고 재밌었어요ㅋㅋ이동 중에도 어색하지 않게 계속 말 걸어주시고 이름 불러주셔서 투어 넘 재밌게 잘 마쳤습니다! 사진도 많이 찍어주셔서 추억이 많이 남았어요ㅎ 감사합니다~!

  1. dongh****
    dongh****     2019-12-10

    Terry 기사님 감사합니다 ! 열정적으로 사진도 찍어주시고... 굉장히 고마웠어요 예류 지질공원 끝나고 음식 먹으러갔을때 새우 싸먹는거 맛있었어요 ! 정말 감사합니다 ~!

  1. LYA
    LYA     2019-12-08

    친절한 기사분 덕분에 즐겁고 편한 여행이였습니다. 예류에서는 멋진 사진 포인트에서 일행들 사진도 찍어주세요. 투어에서 진과스를 제외하고 지우펀을 더 많이 보고 싶다고 말씀드렸더니 그렇게 진행해주셨어요. 약속시간과 장소를 정하고 헤매지 않고 관광 후 잘 만났습니다. 돌아갈때는 호텔이 아닌 저녁 식당에 내려달라는 내용도 적용해주셔서 좋았습니다. 추천합니다!

  1. 정하은
    정하은     2019-11-30

    쌤고 ㅏ함께 8시간 훅 지나갔어요 사진도 많이 찍어주시고 재밌게 해주시고 쉬지 않고 대화를 했어요 다음에 기회되면 또 만나요 쌤. 반가웠습니다

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